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Joe Graham's Online RV-7 Builder's Log

Assembling the Vertical Stabilizer

The first step of the day was to prime all the prepared parts. Assembly then begins with the spar and spar doubler.

{short description of image}

Here's the rear VS Spar assembly ready to be riveted together. Note the blue painter's tape I've used to cover the holes that line up with the ribs. I didn't want to accidentally rivet those holes shut without the ribs being attached. Sometimes, once you get on a roll, its easy to rivet a hole before all the parts are attached... or at least that's what I've been told! Not that I have ever done that.

The rear spar assembly is the last piece to be attached to the VS so that is set aside after assembly.

This is a picture of the Vertical Stab after beginning the riveting. The center rib is riveted in place and the forward spar is partially riveted here.

Here's a shot inside of the VS as I was riveting the skin. You can see the set rivets and in the center, a rivet in place ready to be set.

And here is a picture of the Vertical Stab after riveting all pieces in place. It's now ready for inspection by my A&P and then the rear spar will be riveted in place to close things up.

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