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Joe Graham's Online RV-7 Builder's Log

Finishing the Vertical Stabilizer

Before closing up the Vertical Stabilizer assembly with the rear spar my A&P friend, Jonathon Davis, inspected my riveting work and made an entry into my builder's log. (He previously inspected my Horizontal Stabilizer as well). He confirmed that my riveting and assembly work was in accordance with standard practices. He also said things looked very neat and professional. Jonathon is a great A&P who pays attention to the details in his work. I took his comments as a great compliment, and even though I already knew I was doing pretty good work, his confirmation was nice to have.

Here are a couple views of the Vertical Stabilizer with the rear spar assembly clecoed into place.

Note the copper colored clecoes. These are the holes that were previously taped over and that will now be riveted to the VS ribs.

I recieved an e-mail today from Van's. They notified me that my wing kit had shipped. Now I need to get the shop into order. I haven't cleaned everything out of the garage yet, and with the wing kit coming, I 'm going to need more space. So ist time to finally get organized.

After a couple of days, I got the garage cleaned up and re-organized. Then I finished riveting the rear spar to the Vertical Stab. Here is the finished product... Next up; the rudder!

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